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An elegant fil-rouge


When projects come from professionals with clear and well-thought-out ideas, the result
undoubtedly tends to perfection.

An unexpected and elegant charm characterizes this splendid Villa. Nothing is left to chance: the mix of colors, patterns, and contemporary accents create something truly original, bringing a new expressive way to experience the relaxing spaces of this home.

Lisa has a rich, pure, and vibrant soul, and I am so grateful to have met her. She has been a client of mine since the beginning of my career. After taking over Van Lynden, she believed in me and gave me the opportunity to make more or less important changes in her house masterfully designed by Jan Willem.

Over the years we have both made fundamental changes by readjusting the spaces to the new structures of life and given some refreshes to indulge his passion for interior design.

In this interior project, each element claims its role in telling a personal story of bold and lively elegance.

Interior Design Services

Soft furnishings

Curtains and rods

Furniture upholstery

Lamps, lampshades

Wallpapers and floors

„Whatever your style, from traditional classic to modern chic, we create unique spaces you’ll love coming home to“.

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