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The Family Home


A sense of harmony and continuity now characterizes this classy home. This unforgettable interior project mainly consisted of a simplification process that led us to maximize the sophisticated aesthetics of this home.

This extremely nice couple contacted me via a recommendation. My job was to help packing the furniture of their magnificent mansion into boxes and bring the same breathtaking atmosphere to their new apartment.

Their desire was to shrink and make their life easier with their advancing years. I did not even know where to start, it was very difficult to choose between all these magnificent pieces and put them on stage in the new house. But the collaboration was so enjoyable and the two of them so delightfully engaging that we quickly came up with a great layout.

In the new home, we have designed a custom red brick bookcase that plays with Asian antiques and introduced the new off-white herringbone curtains. The fabrics, the contemporary and classy sofas, the new soft furnishings, the new lamps, and the lampshades, each of them has acquired a renewed role in this significant play of elements.

Interior Design Services

Hand-crafted furniture

Soft furnishings

Curtains and rods

Furniture upholstery

Lamps, lampshades

„Whatever your style, from traditional classic to modern chic, we create unique spaces you’ll love coming home to“.

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