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The Lively Flat


In this residence, colors and patterns are protagonists. The original focus was to create a bright, lively space intended to welcome all the family members. Vibrant pops of red, blue, and green were injected into the setting scheme to create a happy atmosphere to function according to the family’s needs.

This house has been designed so that this fantastic family could welcome their children, future grandchildren, and friends. The main goal was for each of them to feel at ease in these spaces: from those who prepare food in the kitchen to those who chat in the living room.

A balanced atmosphere has been achieved, through a mix of classic and vintage furniture, wrapped in high-quality fabrics. To make these interiors bright, comfortable, and chic, we have created a layout that includes unique furniture, special lamps, trendy contemporary curtains by Fermoie, as well as the Dedar seat, and decorative cushions laid on the long bench. I believe I have fulfilled Philip’s primary desire, which was to create a cool and relaxed lounge atmosphere where the family can get together and enjoy an intimate chat.

The clou is the rug I have designed, which emphasizes the colors, highlights the patterns, and sets the scene for the furniture.

Interior Design Services

Furniture upholstery

Lamps, lampshades

„Whatever your style, from traditional classic to modern chic, we create unique spaces you’ll love coming home to“.

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