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The Factory of Ideas


In 2016 I was allowed to design and furnish the first offices of this successful company. The graphic designer, Christian, was by my side as a sparring partner, and our ideas developed back and forth like a ping-pong match.

The result delighted everyone. So, five years later, I was asked to take care of their seven new offices. Again, alongside Christian.

This time the desire was to visually connect the two floors, but not only. We also wanted to tell the evolution of the company by giving the new spaces an unexpected, renewed, and visionary style.

The idea of the Jungle wallpaper was chosen not by chance. It represents the present and the future of these three successful companies that have specialized in fighting through numbers, wind, and weather, bringing structure and value to the jungle of the World Wide Web.

The challenge of this project also involved the high technical requirements of acoustics and functionality that we have elegantly solved with high-quality materials, a great color palette, and technical elements.

The result is as imaginative as can be, a playful space with an exotic touch, where the geometry of the scheme is enhanced by bold and uplifting details designed to allow ideas to be born freely.

It was extremely interesting for me to work in such an inspiring frame. I am intrigued by the new challenges of this company, and I hope to proudly do my part again.

Interior Design Services

Soft furnishings

Furniture upholstery

Lamps, lampshades

Wallpapers and floors

„Whatever your style, from traditional classic to modern chic, we create unique spaces you’ll love coming home to“.

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